The Bare Essential Tools for the Cyclists

Ever since man started roaming the face of this earth, there was a constant need to try to make tasks and daily life easier, be it for hunting or for starting a fire, mankind was always finding ways to do things more efficiently, and as the old proverb mentions, “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, it was inevitable that mankind started inventing tools to not only enable them to perform tasks more efficiently, but much faster as well.  Fast forward a few centuries later to the present day and we all probably still have this innate need to keep inventing, the only difference is that we are now just more fortunate to have an infinite amount of technologies at our disposal to research and design our tools with as well as whole load of different materials available that can be used to make these tools out of.

Steve & Leif are manufacturers of a very wide range of tools for both the home as well as for industrial use, and all their tools are made with exceptional quality, with stringent quality checks of all items manufactured before any product is packed and shipped out. Another strong point of Steve & Leif is their vast experience in working with factories directly, because of their excellent relations, they are able to price their products very competitively in the tools market. Apart from household and industrial tools, they also have an extensive range of bicycle tools and accessories available for any cyclist wishing to do some light maintenance on their own at home.

One of the most useful tools any cyclist can own is a set of hex or alley keys, because almost all of the screws that can be found on a modern bicycle has a hex head, and the two most commonly sized head screws are the 4mm and 5mm, Steve & Leif’s 9 pcs hex key set are made from sturdy and strong CR-V steel, which is an abbreviation for the alloy chromium vanadium steel, a hardened steel that is also highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. All the hex keys in the set is made as standard at the short end for added leverage for super tight screws and bolts, and at the other end, it is ball ended, for extra tool manoeuvrability to reach into tight corners and spaces to tighten or loosen a screw or bolt, I found the ball end very useful especially when installing disc brake calipers on the newer road bikes as the rear caliper is usually located on the chain stay near the dropout, which would otherwise be very inaccessible for a standard flat ended hex key. The hex key sets are also available in either a smooth steel finish or a satin black or painted finish for a slightly rougher texture for added grip when using the tool.

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