Baby & Child Safety Products

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Baby Safety Products for Infants and Toddlers

A new member of the family on the way? Keep your child safe from harm with baby safety household products from Steve & Leif. We offer a comprehensive range of products suited to nearly any application, so your home stays safe and child-friendly.

Childproof Your Home

Childproof your home with our range of quality baby safety equipment. Protect your child from bumps and scrapes with corner protectors, door knob covers and edge protectors.

We offer protectors in both white and clear colours, available in a range of sizes to accommodate any door, table or cabinet. Soft and squishy, they prevent injury if your child bumps against your furniture or doors.

We also offer a selection of door cushions made from high-grade EVA foam, which stops doors from slamming shut, reducing noise and preventing jammed fingers.

We also provide safety gates so your child stays within certain areas of the house. Our convenient and removable safety gates keep children out of the kitchen or away from stairs.

Nursery Accessories

Steve & Leif also offer a range of baby safety accessories for nurseries and strollers. Keep medicines and cleaning supplies away from children with handy cabinet locks, or prevent your little one from splashing around in the toilet with a handy toilet latch.

For children who are already sleeping in their own beds, we have a bed rail available to prevent your toddlers from falling off the bed.

We also have baby safety nail clippers and food scissors for hygiene and care.

Excellent Customer Service

Steve & Leif pride itself on the ability to provide customers with excellent, high-quality products for home and garden.

All our baby safety products are made to the highest standards. Coupled with friendly customer service and after-sales product support, Steve & Leif have everything you need to childproof your home.