Gardening Tools and Supplies

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Complete Range of High-Quality Garden Tools

Your garden plants deserve all the attention and care that they need to grow and thrive. If you love gardening, Steve & Leif offer a selection of gardening tools to help you nurture and care for your garden.

Our gardening supplies are competitively priced and affordable, all while maintaining the high standards of quality that the Steve & Leif brand is known for.

We provide gardening tools for gardens of all sizes, from large backyards to small flower pots and patios. We provide products from our own range of original gardening tools, but also distribute products from some of the most popular and trusted brands in Singapore, providing you with an excellent range of tools to choose from.

A Comprehensive Range of Products

Our comprehensive range of high-quality gardening supplies, tools and accessories will make your gardening jobs a whole lot easier. You can find everything from garden hose connectors, tap adaptors, to garden accessories right here. Need watering solutions for your gardens? We offer both spray guns and handheld pressure sprayers for smaller plants. We also have a range of shears, pruners and more.

Features of our garden tools include ergonomic and comfortable design, superior strength, fast and comfortable connection, easy removability, and stable and leak-free connection, among others.

Our durable tools are suitable for use in all gardens (including vegetable gardens) and patio applications.

Dedicated Customer Service

Steve & Leif offer excellent customer service. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, which is why all of our products undergo strict quality testing and inspection before we ship them out.

We follow up on all successful deliveries, and also provide a comprehensive customer and product support service to ensure that your products are working seamlessly.

Keep your plants healthy and beautify your garden with our essential gardening tools today!