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Passion and creativity, a dedicated and dynamic research and development team, implementing innovative technologies and new use patterns – all of this contributes significantly to the Prosperplast brand establishing itself further with every single order, and the company’s ever growing product range. This currently features hundreds of products in dozens of segments. It includes gardening items, as well as large, environmentally-friendly products, e.g. water butts and composters, planters and window boxes made from high-grade materials which resemble natural substances, professional, multi-purpose snow shovels and a huge selection of sledges in aesthetically pleasing designs, a sporty look and excellent riding characteristics. Last but not least, versatile solutions for a tidy garage or storage, such as toolboxes, containers and organizers.

In Singapore, we supply the best quality of gardening products from Prosperplast. Flower pots, planter boxes, storage box, garden decoration, indoor pots and many more. Exclusive by Steve & Leif!