Claber 8534 PRO Spray Nozzle

Claber 8534 PRO Spray Nozzle

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Product Description

Product Description:
The Claber "Pro" spray nozzle takes the traditional nozzle spray and gives it a more modern feel. The dual output spray offers either a jet or fan spray. Traditional in shape but ergonomically designed the "Pro" spray nozzle is bigger and more robust. Meets international size standards, 100% compatible.

Width: Ø35.7 mm
Height: 175 mm
Depth: Ø35.7 mm
Weight: 72 gr.

Nozzle with adjustable jet: from closed to open (jet or fan spray)
New design by rotating the ergonomic cap of the nozzle

Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
Jet adjustment: concentrated, cone
Adjustment: open/close

Additional Information


Ø35.7 x 175 (mm)


72 gr.


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