Claber 8536 Plus Spray Nozzle

Claber 8536 Plus Spray Nozzle

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Product Description

Product Description:
Compact, practical spray to easily obtain the desired water jet without wasting a drop. The comfortable handle allows you to regulate the flow rate at any moment to satisfy all your irrigation needs. Rotating the cap, you can regulate the spray from jet to fan spray. The cap is equipped with a specific system that prevents it from unscrewing completely to avoid losing it.

Width: Ø39,9 mm
Height: 179 mm
Depth: Ø39,9 mm
Weight: 104 gr.

Made of ABS
Modern design
Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
Jet adjustment: concentrated, cone
Water flow: adjustable
Adjustment cap: open/close
Water flow regulation by turning the knob valve.

Additional Information


Ø39.9 x 179 mm


104 gr.


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