Claber 9002 Aquaviva Hose MM15 M25

Claber Aquaviva® m 25 Ø 5/8” (14-19 mm)

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Product Description

Product Description:
The classic reinforced hose for all garden, vegetable garden and patio applications with the utmost practicality, durability and resistance guaranteed. Resistant and versatile, made with top quality materials.

Width: Ø380 mm
Height: 110 mm
Depth: Ø380 mm
Weight: 3000 gr.

Aquaviva is a handy reinforced hose with an algae-resistant shield
Flexible and handy
Pipe diameter: 5/8"
Hose length: 25m

Additional Information


Ø380 x 110 (mm)


3000 gr.