Claber 8934 Carry Cart ECO Garden

Claber Carry Cart ECO Garden

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Product Description

Product Description:
The original cleaning up cart for the disposal of outdoor refuse (leaves, grass cutting, paper, etc.) rust resistant aluminium frame, it can be left outdoor as it is completely weather proof. Push-in connecting system of the innovative hive-structure side upright. The ring supporting the disposal bag can be adjusted to different heights thanks to the lever clamps, overcoming any problem due to the size of the collecting bags. Resin clamps fit the bag to the ring. New snap-fit polypropylene support base is able to withstand heavy loads. Aluminium wheel-axle inserted into proper slots.

Width: 543 mm
Height: 894 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Weight: 2580 gr.

Shock-proof and weather resistant
Special bag for heavy loads and sharp objects
Anti-odour lid
Quick tool-free assembly

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543 x 894 x 450 (mm)


2580 gr.