Claber 91260 Fitted Rigid Risers

Claber Fitted Rigid Risers

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Product Description

Product Description:
Easily and securely installed on the support stake to lift the micro-sprinklers or micro-mist sprayers 30 cm above the crops, allowing the water to fall from above like natural rain. Allows to rise the micro-sprinklers and micro-sprayers at 30 cm. Screwed directly into the 1/2” (13 - 16 mm) main tube.

Width: 14 mm
Height: 318 mm
Depth: Ø8 mm
Weight: 7 gr.

Quality and durability
Push fitting
Useful for tall plants
Pipe diameter: 1/4"
Consist of 10 pcs

Additional Information


14 x 318 (mm)


7 gr.