Claber 8654 Multifunction Sprinkler

Claber Multifunction Sprinkler

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Product Description

Product Description:
Very easy to use, yet versatile stationary sprinkler for all your small garden needs. Simply rotate the anatomic upper part to select one of the 6 available jets. Ready for immediate use, it guarantees uniform and gentle irrigation, without puddles, and with jets that create pleasant water games.

Width: 192 mm
Height: 76.5 mm
Depth: Ø190 mm
Weight: 282 gr.

Made of high quality ABS
Shock-proof and weather resistant
Works even at low pressures
Jets mimic natural rain effect
Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
Jet adjustment: concentrated, mist, gentle soaker, aerated, fan, cone
Irrigation : static
Maximum covered area: 70 m²
Maximum jet width (diameter): 14.4
Water flow: 30 l/min

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192 x 76.5 (mm)


282 gr.