Claber 91222 Self-Regulating Dripper

Claber Self Regulating Dripper

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Product Description

Product Description:
Delivers water to an individual plant, drop after drop, with extreme precision. Equipped with a silicone membrane that prevents the formation of limescale, it fits perfectly without leaking water onto the feeding hose or directly onto the main hose, simply by pushing it in. Constant 4 l/h flow rate at start and end of line. For direct installation into the 1/2” (13 - 16 mm) main tube or into the 1/4” (4 - 6 mm) feeding tube. Easily disassembled for cleaning.

Width: Ø23 mm
Height: 31.5 mm
Depth: Ø23 mm
Weight: 5 gr.

Quality and durability
Push fitting
Laboratory tested
Pipe diameter: 1/4"
Water flow: adjustable
Adjustment: open/close
Water flow: 0.06 l/min

Additional Information


Ø23 x 31.5 (mm)


5 gr.