Claber 9086 Telescopic Multifuction Spray Lance

Claber Telescopic Multifuction Spray Lance

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Product Description

Product Description:
This multi-function lance has a telescopic system that extends with a simple movement to comfortably water even the most hard to reach areas. It is also easy to select from the different types of water jets for all your needs.

Width: 690 mm
Height: 116 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Weight: 340 gr.

Easy to handle and resistant
Adjustable jet and water flow
Aerator to water without splashing
Ergonomic handle grip
Swivelling spray head
Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
Jet adjustment: concentrated, mist, shower, aerated
Water flow: adjustable
Adjustment: open/close
With extension: Adjustable

Additional Information


690 x 116 x 60 (mm)


340 gr.