Claber 9040 Top Black Hose 14-19mm M15

Claber Top Black Hose 14-19mm M15

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Product Description

Product Description:
Anti-kink hose with a special knitted reinforcement that guarantees excellent stability at high water pressure, algae-resistant and UV-resistant. The Top-Black hoses are 100% safe as they contain no heavy metals or phthalates.

Width: Ø380 mm
Height: 80 mm
Depth: Ø380 mm
Weight: 2300 gr.

Top-black has a non-toxic drinkable safe transparent inner layer.
Excellent water quality in the garden.
Working Pressure: max 10 bar
Working temperature: -10 to 70 degree C
Pipe diameter: 5/8"
Hose length: 15m

Additional Information


Ø380 x 80 (mm)


2300 gr.