Prosperplast Boxe Rato Umber Garden Storage Box

1190mm x 480mm x 600mm



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Product Description

Well organized outside relaxing zone and adequate equipment guarantees easy maintenance and peace of mind. When planning space it is always worth to consider furniture with storage. The large capacity of the Prosperplast garden box will help you to keep with the untidiness under control. It is a practical storage box easy to move around thanks to the wheels. Lightweight construction provides adequate ventilation and protection against rain. This make the box a perfect solution for keeping cushions for garden furniture, blankets, garden gadgets, smaller furniture or toys for children. The built-in loop for padlock gives you option to secure content inside. This new addition to Prosperplast garden range is well-made, easy to maintain, weatherproof and effortless assembly without additional tools make it a "must buy" item. The Garden Box comes in 3 different panel finishes; mosaic, patterns inspired by natural woven bamboo or rattan.

Diameter: 1190mm x 480mm x 600mm