PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (10Y)

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (10Y)
Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, White, Yellow

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif's is a pressure sensitive tape used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity. The PVC material used is RoHs compliant and has excellent elongation properties. Comes with standard acrylic adhesive that has good initial tack coupled with superior weather resistance function.
18mm x 10Y
Solution for numerous common dilemmas
Seal, wrap, protect or simply colour-code
Provides a moisture resistant seal on nearly any surface and shape
Tensile strength of 22lbs
Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, White, Yellow
Measurement in yard
Holding Power Index: 4/5
PVC Insulation Wire Tapes

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18mm x 10Y


Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, White, Red, Yellow