Steve & Leif DIY Gardening Fan Trellis Plant Support Ladder (90 cm)


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Product Description

Easy DIY 3 levels 90cm fan trellis plant support. Allows your climbing plants to grow vertically to make the most of your gardening space. It can keep plants off the ground and away from pests and damp conditions that can cause rot. Made for stronger and healthier plants. The construction offers support and keeps plants from falling over. Ideal for using in potted, weak stemmed plant species, climbing plants and vines. A good tool for better air circulation through the plants and for natural ripening of the fruit. Functional and decorative garden feature that are perfect for your garden or landscape. It is constructed of weather-proof powder coated steel iron, super durable and weather resistant.


  • Assembled Size: 50cm (W) x 90cm (H)
  • Recommended for Pot with minimum diameter: 33cm or 22cm x 45cm
  • Made for stronger & healthier plants
  • Prevent plants falling over
  • Ideal for weak stemmed plants species, climbing plants & vines