Top 29 Essential Bicycle Accessories

Bikes come across as simple machines, right? We beg to differ, since these machines are quite complex, to say the least. From realizing the correct saddle height (i.e. sitting position), proper handlebar length to the correct tire pressure, they are not as humble as they first seem. Notwithstanding, there are some essentials that are left out when it comes to bikes and are a must for all riding enthusiasts as they will make your ride more secure and fun.

How, you might ask?

Well, to begin with, bicycle accessories such as bike lights make night rides safer, bicycle repair stands are a must for repairs, and wall hangers allow for trouble-free bike storage.

However, these are just but a few. Here are our top 29 must-have bicycle accessories:

Bicycle Accessories Infographic


The number of people taking to bikes on the roads has increased tremendously. Thus, the need for bike storage has also increased, and space constraint is a major issue. Most bike proprietors can attest to the problematic nature of bike storage. Without appropriate stowing, bicycles more often than not are a burden and this can be infuriating.

Therefore, here are the best accessories for effortless storage:

1) Wall Mounted Foldable Hanger

Wall Mounted Foldable HangerThis add-on more or less kills two birds with one stone. It is classy and enhances your house while also allowing for easy storage with minimal effort. It also consumes very little space as it is wall mounted. In fact, it consumes space that would otherwise have been unused.

Another interesting point is its foldable feature. This suggests you can free up space without having to take the accessory down.

2) Wall Mounted Hanger Hook

This is an amazing piece of equipment, all thanks to its easy-to-install and functional storage design. Pre-drilled holes and four mounting points enable sturdy fastening, and the fixed tire hooks distribute weight evenly. There's also a rubber-coated hook to protect the wheel rim from scuffing or scratching the wall.

This design enables easy storage with minimal effort and space used and is suitable for all sorts of bicycles.

3) Bike Wall Heavy Duty Hanger

With easy angle adjustment for better display, rubber coated hooks that protect your wheel rim from scuffing to two pre-drilled holes that allow for easier installation, this accompaniment is indispensable for riders with marginal storage space.

The only difference is that it cannot be folded. However, it still occupies minimal and underutilized space.

Lights for Night Riding

Bicycles are bit by bit becoming a favorable means of commuting as more people come to be health and environmentally conscious. We are witnessing more cycles being used for early morning and night commutes as more people employ bikes as their preferred means of transport. This calls on safety features (more so lights) during these hours.

Here are our top picks for night riding:

4) Cosmic Super Bright 7 LED Headlights

With a 100000 hour LED lifetime, this add-on, hands down has got to be the best headlight for those early commutes. Besides the extensive lifetime, it is lightweight and water resistant and if that is not enough, it comes with an adjustable head strap to secure it to your helmet or hat and keep it from bouncing.

Another key feature is its adjustable inclination, which eases the burden of refocusing.

5) Galaxy USB Rechargeable 3 Red LED Lights

Galaxy USB Rechargeable Red LED light This is more for the savvy riders. The Galaxy Rechargeable Light is a rubber-padded light which also encompasses cable ties and back straps allowing for helmet installation. It’s also a multifunction light with 4 capabilities: super bright, boost, constant and flashing. With its optic design, it has a 220® visibility.

Another strategic feature is its light indicators with yellow signifying 20% or less battery charge, red denotes charging and green fully charged.

6) Galaxy 150 Lumen Rechargeable Headlights

Galaxy 150 Lumen Rechargeable HeadlightsBuilt in accordance to Danish standards, this Galaxy 150 has a 3-watt Hi-power, is water-resistant, and has a battery protector. It is a USB charge only accessory and takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.

Unlike its close cousin the Galaxy 3 Red, it features a 150-lumen brightness but also comes with light indicators with yellow signifying 20% or less battery charge, red for charging, and green for fully charged.

7) Cosmic 5 White LED Torch

Adhering to the unwritten headlights rule, this torch is lightweight, water resistant and just right for vintage riders. Given that it necessitates 4 AAA batteries over being rechargeable, we reckon it is a safer option.

It features an adjustable mount suitable for most bike handlebars and includes rubber gap fillers.

8) Cosmic Combo Front and Rear LED Lights

Cosmic Combo Front and Rear LED LightsWith its 2 super-bright white front LED lights and 2 red LEDs for the rear, the Cosmic Combo offers top value for your money. These lights also feature silicon straps that can be attached to most handlebars and seat support. Being a multi-functional light, it has 3 capabilities, which are Flashing, Constant and Chasing mode.

The lights also feature a pretty neat easy click system to turn lights on.

9) Cosmic 3 LED Black Torch

cosmic-lightMeasuring 8 by 3.2 by 2.8cms, this is the perfect partner for night and day rides as it is easy to stow away. The Cosmic 3, features a waterproof structure and is also lightweight. That aside, it has 3 modes which are Steady, Flash, and Flash-off.

To further add on, it can be fastened to any handlebar thanks to its adjustable mount.

Bicycle Locks for Bike Safety

It’s no secret that bikes are rather easy to steal. One former bike thief has revealed how easy it is to pinch a bike, more so in crowded areas and what people think are fairly secure places. Apparently, folks drop their guard when they feel safe and end up settling for insecure locks which are easy to pick.

It’s therefore judicious to settle for a superior product which guarantees your bike safety. These include the following:

10) Bicycle Double Loop Cable

For people who leave their bike in public places for long periods, it is wise to secure both wheels to prevent theft. This lock permits that as it is 1800 mm long and ideal to lock 2 wheels with a single padlock. Its 10 mm thickness also comes in handy as it thwarts any attempt at cutting it.

The PVC coating on the stainless steel is also a plus as it prevents scratching.

11) Kryptonite Krptolok U-Lock

A rather sassy bicycle lock, the Kryptonite features a 13mm hardened max performance steel shackle that is resistant to leverage attacks and cutters. It also comes with 4 Krptoflex double loops to secure the wheels.

Thanks to its center keyway, it can resist leverage attacks more effectively and its anti-clatter bumpers reduce noise.

12) Spiral Combination Lock With Bracket

Spiral Combination LockWith a 4-star security rating, this spiral combination lock is a safe bet for you. It has a length of 1200 mm which is perfect for one wheel and a 12mm thickness making it extra difficult to break. This lock has a PVC coated stainless steel interior, which makes it anti-scratch.

It comes with a bracket and features a 4 digit combination code lock which is pretty easy to reset.

13) Straight Cable Key Lock

Thanks to its durability and unrivaled quality, this lock has a 4-star security rating. It is 800 mm long and 8 mm thick which is perfect for 1 wheel. Thanks to its simple design and lightweight feature, it is quite convenient to carry around.

It has a PVC-coated stainless steel interior which is rather tough to break and the PVC coating further adds on anti-scratch properties.

14) UV Silicon U-Lock

UV Silicon U-LockWith 134mm by 212 mm measurements and a 23 mm thickness, this lock is extremely difficult to break. Moulded with anti-scratch UV silicon, it is perfect for high-end bikes which are also the target of most bike thieves. Despite its thickness, it is pretty lightweight and convenient to carry around.

This UV silicon lock is a stainless steel shackle lock with impact and cutting resistance.

13) Self-Coiling Combination Lock

Self-Coiling Combination LockA lightweight, durable and convenient combination lock, this is one of the top bicycle locks for good reason. It has a cable made up of PVC-coated, anti-scratch stainless steel. Plus, it's 1200mm long and 6mm thick for extra security - capable of locking up to 1 wheel.

Combinations codes can be set and reset with your own code, and are made up of four digits.

Bicycle Stands

Bicycle stands are rather multi-purpose products as they can be used to store, display, pack, or repair your bike. If you prefer a bike wheel stand to a wall hanger when storing your bike, these are right for you. It’s important to ensure that you pick a top-quality stand that’s sturdy, upright, and easy to assemble and work with.

That aside, out top picks include:

16) Bike Wheel Stand

At times, a wall hanger may be too tedious to set up and a bike wheel stand is more convenient. It is simple to use as all you have to do is purchase it and you are ready to go. It is opportune for bicycle repairs, cleaning, display, and storage thanks to its stable design which keeps your bike upright.

Make certain you purchase one with a rubber-protected base to avoid damaging indoor floors.

17) Bicycle Display Stand (Foldable)

Bicycle Stand (Foldable)An essential part of bike repair and maintenance, a top-quality stand is a must for riders. It features sturdy hooks that hold your bike without damaging it, and has a versatile aluminum alloy stand which is extendable to up to 217cms. The foldable legs with anti-slip feet are space saving and easy to work with on slippery surfaces.

The stand can accommodate up to 50kgs (2 bikes) and is rather easy to assemble.

18) BIKEHAND Bike Floor Parking Rack

This is arguably one of the most reliable bike stands out there. Stylish finish and multiple holding points are some of the features on this stand. It has a simple push-in design, unlike other models which you have to lift to fit into. The 3 holding points are incredible, unlike others which feature only 2 holding points.

The wheel is also deeper in the holder thus more stable.

19) Bicycle Repair Stand

With a max capacity of 30kgs, this bike repair stand is all you need to effectively handle all bike repairs. With 360® rotatable clamps, you can service all parts of your bike. This stand also features an aluminum alloy stand which extends up to 190cms in height. Featuring foldable legs with anti-slip feet, it is easy to store and work with on slippery surfaces.

It is also available with a multi-functional tool tray that helps you sort out your tools.

Bicycle Tools

These can range from basic tools such as torque wrenches that help with simple repair, to more complex tools like bicycle computers. These are ideal for emergencies as well as basic repair (related to everyday wear and tear), and will keep your bike running smoothly for longer.

High-quality, durable tools make home servicing a lot easier, so here are our recommended picks:

20) Bike Computers

Bicycle ComputerThis is a pretty neat accessory. With its 8 functions, you will get a wide range of information. It calculates your current speed, elapsed time, distance covered, average speed, max speed, odometer, clock, and scans. For a computer, it is pretty easy to operate and reset screen display functions. It is also KM to ML conversion enabled for whichever suits you.

A quality product from Taiwan, it comes with an LR44 battery and is also small and lightweight.

21) Torque Wrench

This is a crucial tool to have in your cache for bike repair and maintenance. The high-quality torque wrench features H3 to H10, T15 to T40 and PH2/PH3 bits which is a fairly large selection of bits. These ensure you can work on a wide variety of bolts on your bike. The torque wrench is contained in a blow molded box with a metal double hinge clasp.

As if that’s not enough, the bits are knurled collared, allowing users to turn bolts by hand until finger tight.

22) CO2 Inflator

A close cousin to the bicycle pump, the CO2 inflator is a fast tire inflation tool. With its twin valve that threads onto both Schrader and Presta valves, it is suitable for all bicycles. The valve connection is also protected preventing leakage during inflation. The inflator has an I-turn valve system, and control lever operation that controls the speed of CO2 release.

The integrated canister safely stores the CO2 cartridge and protects it from cold.

23)12-In-1 Folding Bike Tool

This is a perfectly compact, anti-rusting, metallic, and lightweight tool for bicycle repair enthusiasts. Boasting a Chain Breaker, which can reconnect broken chains on the road, this is also capable of handling myriad issues. It can easily fit inside your pocket, and perform different adjustments and repairs.

Ideal for daily usage, this is a multitasking tool you can carry wherever you go!

24) Clamp-On Water Bottle Holder

Bicycle riding is a strenuous activity and will leave you dehydrated on most occasions. The clamp on water holder is an impressive accessory to have as it can attach to any bicycle part including the handlebar. It is built of durable plastic and is rotatable.

Bicycle Pumps

Every bike rider needs a bicycle pump to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. A good-quality pump helps you enjoy your ride, and get the fastest speed possible with the right pressure gauge and mobility. If you’re an avid cyclist you definitely need to pump more. This keeps your tires inflated, prevents punctures and gives you a smoother ride.

Take your pick from some of our recommended bicycle pumps:

25) Cosmic Mini Pump

A bicycle pump is a ‘can't-do without’ accessory for passionate riders, and this Cosmic Mini pump is arguably the best. Reversible for both Presta and Schrader valves, it is easy to carry around, or to attach to your bike. With a max pressure of 80psi, it’s suitable for all bikes. It comes with 2 screws, an extractable hose, and a reinforced plastic shaft.

26) Cosmic Floor Pump

Cosmic Floor PumpThis is a lightweight and body durable pump that comes equipped with an air bladder needle, a ball needle, and a rotating hose system. It also has a thumb-turn/twist to lock design that's easy to use. Another benefit is that it's small and handy and can be carried around everywhere.

27 ) Galaxy Floor Pump

 Crafted from reinforced steel, this bicycle pump has a high pressure of 160psi, and a top-mounted 2.5" gauge for effortless viewing. Reversible Presta and Schrader valves make it suitable for all bicycles. Other features include a thumb-lock lever and a durable steel barrel - which contribute to making this one of the finest-quality pumps.

28) Galaxy Mini Pump

 If you are seeking a lightweight pump with reversible Presta and Schrader valves (that can be used for all bicycles), this is a great option. An easy thumb-turn / twist to lock design and an extendable hose all contribute to effortless pumping. It's equipped with a shiny lever and barrel made of durable aluminum, a shaft made of reinforced plastic, and an attached dust cap.

29) Cosmic Yellow Floor Pump

Cosmic Yellow Floor PumpThis is a high-pressure, lightweight, and body-durable floor pump in an eye-catching shade. Other features include a non-slip base, high pressure (120 psi), and a large 2.5'' mounted gauge (for easier viewing). Plus, reversible Presta and Schrader valves, a thumb lock lever and a durable steel barrel make it ideal for all bicycles.



Well, that’s it from us and we do hope you liked our selection of quality bicycle accessories. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below and if you enjoyed it, please share. You can also get yourself some of these to not only make your rides safer but stress-free and definitely more fun!

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