Galaxy Mini Pump (Extendable Hose)

Galaxy Mini Pump with Extractable Hose
Colours: Black

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Product Description

Steve & Leif Galaxy Extendable Mini Bicycle Pump is lightweight with a max pressure of 100psi. Reversible presta and schrader, suitable for all bicycle. Easy thumb-turn/ twist to lock design. Extendable hose for easy pumping. Convenient to carry around or attached with your bicycle. Shiny sliver lever and barrel made of durable aluminium, shaft made of reinforced plastic. Galaxy Mini Pump comes with a dust cap attached to it. Quality product made in Taiwan.

Reversible Schrader and Presta.
Thumb-Lock lever.
PVC lever and barrel.
Extractable hose for easy pumping (13cm).
Dust cap.
Max. pressure 80 psi.
Reinforced plastic shaft.
Shiny chrome colour.
Come with 2 screws.
Quality product made in Taiwan.

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22 x 3 (cm)