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Char-Broil BBQ Mesquite Wood Chips


2 Lbs

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Product Description

Mesquite wood is one of the hottest burning wood with a strong, earthy flavor that adds a nice taste to most red and dark meats. Smaller than wood chunks, mesquite wood chips heat up fast and are great for smoking with speed. Comes in a 2-pound bag.


  • Wood chips are the best way to get a long last burn in the cooker and to infuse great taste into meats
  • Smaller & quicker effect compared to Wood Chunk
  • Food that plan to grill / smoke quickly
  • Different flavors & suitable for different food
  • Use in smoker box / aluminium foil packet /direct on to burning charcoal
  • Burning hotter & cleaner than briquettes; can be easily used in conjunction with charcoal grills and smokers
  • Also can be used for gas & electric grills, simply use smoker box
  • For infrared grills, add directly to the grate
  • Made of all natural wood chips