Char-Broil BBQ Mesquite Wood Chunks


8 Lbs

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Product Description

Use Oklahoma Joe's Mesquite Wood Chunks to infuse food with smoky, earthy flavor. Simply place wood chunks in your smoker box or directly on grates and pair with dark, heavy proteins for optimum results.


  • Larger size, longer effect than wood chips
  • Wood chunks have a long burn life, which makes them great for long cooks
  • Add handful of wood chunks to charcoal to boost flavor
  • For even smokey effect, use wood chunk without charcoal to fuel fire
  • Place in smoker box or aluminum foil pocket when using an electric or gas grill
  • Put directly on grill grates when using an infrared grill
  • Ideal for smoking meats, poultry, vegetables and fish
  • Made of all natural wood chips
  • Approx 179 cubic inches