Claber 9066 Flexyfort Hose 12-17MM M15

Claber Flexyfort Hose 12-17MM M15

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Product Description

Product Description:
Flexyfort features a special knitting that prevents it from twisting, even at the highest water pressure. Its pleasant bright yellow colour makes it easy to see on the lawn. Made with high quality materials, suitable for all garden, vegetable garden and patio applications.

Width: Ø380 mm
Height: 70 mm
Depth: Ø380 mm
Weight: 2180 gr.

Anti-kink knitting
Flexible and handy
Algae-resistant and UV-resistant
Working pressure: max 10 bar
Pipe diameter: 1/2"
Hose length: 15m

Additional Information


Ø380 x 70 (mm)


2180 gr.