Claber 8894 Metal Gemini Hose Cart

Claber Metal Gemini Hose Cart

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Product Description

Product Description:
Entirely metallic, this hose reel cart guarantees perfect drum turning, thanks to the Silent Block. Finished with epoxy resin that protects it from rust, it is complete with automatic coupling to connect the hose. It has an ideal capacity even for large-sized gardens: up to 130 metres of 1/2" hose. Large size wheels make the handling easier and guarantee stability on all type of ground surfaces.

Width: 643 mm
Height: 865 mm
Depth: 461 mm
Weight: 6540 gr.

Shock-proof and weather resistant
Convenient handle
Ctable on the ground
Quick tool-free assembly
Fitted with silent-block preventing the wear of metal on metal
Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
Outlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
Maximum capacity: 130m (Ø 1/2")

Additional Information


643 x 865 x 461 (mm)


6540 gr.