Claber 9039 Top Black Hose 12-17mm M30

Claber Top-Black® m 30 Ø 1/2″ (12-17 mm)

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Product Description

Product Description:
The Top Black 30 metre hose is a non-toxic hose created to delivery drinking quality water to your garden and around the home. Excellent stability at high water pressure, algae-resistant and UV-resistant. Comprised of multiple layers, each with their own purpose, the Claber Top Black hose is a good value for money hose pipe.

Width: Ø380 mm
Height: 140 mm
Depth: Ø380 mm
Weight: 3900 gr.

Pipe diameter: 1/2"
Hose length: 30m
Working Temperature: - 10 to 70
Working Pressure of up to 10 bar

Additional Information


Ø380 x 140 (mm)


3900 gr.