Plain Static Window Film

Plain Static Window Film
Measurement: 67.5 cm x 200cm / 120cm x 250cm

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif's Plain Static Window Film is customisable to desired size and help you solve problems with glare, heat, and allowing natural light to pass through. The Static-cling opaque film is easy to install as no glue is needed and reusable without damaging on mounting surface. A convenient way to add more privacy to your home or office, as well as to filter the harmful UV rays to protect furniture from fading.


67.5 cm x 200cm / 120cm x 250cm


Easy to clean, removable, and reusable.
Heat absorbance and reflectance
Visible Light Transmittance
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Shading coefficient
Apply directly to smooth glass surface such as home and office glass windows, etc.

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67.5 cm x 200cm, 120cm x 250cm