Seal & Lock Cube Vacuum Pack

Seal & Lock Cube Vacuum Pack (1pc)

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif's Seal & Lock Cube Vacuum Pack is durable and perfect for your storage needs which offer 3x more space! Simply lay flat and vacuum the excess air from the bag and you are ready to go. Keep all your bulky items compressed to make more room for more items to bring along while travelling or save storage space in your cabinet!


- 50cm x 85cm x 25cm (Large)


Save up to 75% more space!
Organise and compact your items
Large volume capacity perfect for storing bulky items & seasonal clothing
Protects against water, dirt and dust, insects, mould and odours
Consist of 1 bag in a pack

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50cm x 85cm x 25cm (Large)