Einhell Garden Pump Kit Set [GC-GP 6538]


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Product Description

The GC-GP 6538 garden pump is an efficient, compact and reliable helper that provides good service to the ambitious hobby gardener who wants to water the garden with collected rainwater. With a 650 W motor, this pump achieves a delivery rate of up to 3,800 liters of water per hour. The GC-GP 6538 has an On/Off switch. A water filler screw is provided for separate filling, while the residual water is emptied out with a user-friendly water drain screw. For easy transportation, the garden pump has a carry-handle. The GC-GP 6538 set comes with 7m suction hose included in the delivery.

  • On/Off switch
  • Water filler screw
  • Water drain screw
  • Carry-handle
  • Comes with 7m suction hose