Einhell PXC TE-CD 18-2 Li-i Kit Cordless Impact Drill

TE-CD 18-2 Li-i Kit

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Product Description

The TE-CD 18-2 Li-i cordless hammer drill/screwdriver is a powerful, robust and versatile tool for the demands of experts on screwdriving, drilling and hammer drilling jobs everywhere in the home, workshop and garage. The robust, long-lasting 2-speed metal gear unit for high torque is supplied by a high-performance Power X-Change system battery pack and has ample power reserves for even heavy-duty drilling jobs. The TE-CD 18-2 Li-i cordless hammer drill/screwdriver comes with a single-sleeve 13-mm quick-change drill chuck with Quick-Stop and automatic spindle lock to enable fast bit change without tools. In addition, the battery packs can be used for all products from the Power X-Change family. Sensitive initial drilling is possible with the precision speed electronics, while the torque slip coupling prevents overtightening of the screws. A direction indicator and battery capacity indicator on the machine keep you informed about its current status at all times. The Power X-Change high-speed charger takes 30 minutes to charge the battery. Complete with a practical storage and transport case.


  • Power X-Change system battery - can also be used for products
  • Li-Ion battery: no self-discharging/small/light/easy to handle
  • 3 functions: screwdriving, drilling, hammer drilling in masonry
  • 2-speed gearing for powerful screwdriving and fast drilling
  • Powerful motor and metal gearing for high torque
  • Single-sleeve 13 mm quick-change drill chuck with Quick-Stop
  • Automatic spindle lock for easy tool change
  • Safe stop thanks to additional handle
  • Finely adjustable speed electronics for sensitive jobs
  • Torque slip coupling prevents overtightening of screws
  • 30 min high-speed charger (Power X-Change system charger)
  • Charge state can be viewed on the battery capacity indicator
  • Direction indicator on the tool
  • Delivered in a practical case