RT-RH 32 Kit


Einhell Rotary Hammer Drill Kit (5kg) Case with 13pcs Drill Bit/Chisels Set

RT-RH 32 Kit

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Product Description

The RT-RH 32 Kit is the flagship rotary hammer set among Einhell rotary hammers, containing extensive accessories for immediate operation. This powerhouse is equipped with three functions for universal use: hammer drilling, drilling and chiseling. Its SDS-Plus chuck enables drill bits and chisels to be changed quickly without tools, and together with the powerful 1250 W motor it develops a huge hammer force of 3.5 joule for coping with every tough assignment. At the same time a special bearing arrangement in the handle protects the user from vibrations. The aluminium gear head of the RT-RH 32 is typical of its robust design. High safety during operation is assured by an overload slip coupling which reacts immediately to any sudden jamming of the bit. A sturdy, adjustable drilling depth stop made of metal enables exact, repeat drilling depths. With an anti-twist lock and soft grip the additional handle enables safe, user-friendly handling.Tidiness is quickly restored by a cable clip for securing the wound-up cable. The machine comes complete with one crown bit (Ø 68 mm), 10 drill bits (Ø 5 – 16mm) and 2 chisels so that it can commence work immediately. The rotary hammer and the accessories are stored neatly and safely in a practical transport and storage case.


  • Pneumatic hammer mechanism
  • SDS-Plus chuck
  • Vibration-absorbing handle
  • Robust aluminium gear head
  • Overload slip coupling
  • Functions: hammer drilling/drilling/chiseling with chisel lock
  • Soft grip (also on the additional handle)
  • Additional handle with anti-twist lock
  • Metal drill depth stop
  • Cable clip for fixing the wound-up cable
  • Transport and storage case
  • Incl. crown bit (Ø 68 mm)
  • Incl. 10 drill bits (Ø 5-16mm)
  • Incl. 2 chisels