Heavy Duty Automatic Drop Seal

(Bottom Screwed)

Product Description

Heavy Duty Automatic Door Bottom Drop Seal is a heavy duty anodised finished aluminium automated self-leveling door bottom seal that is specially designed for acoustic doors. The durable and anodised finished aluminium seal is fitted into a 26mm (depth) x 45mm (width) groove along the door bottom. It operates by pressure against the door jamb.

The seal forms a tight secure bond against the floor when the door is closed and retracts when the door is opened. Heavy Duty Automatic Drop Seal is installed concealed at the door bottom groove secured with screws at the door bottom. It is fitted with a tough adjustable brass button at door hinge with EPDM sponge rubber or fire retardant silicon rubber to prevent draughts, acoustic, energy, fire and smoke infiltration. Suitable for single and double leaf hinged doors. Reversible for left side or right side hinge doors.

LENGTH: 450mm, 610mm, 710mm, 810mm, 915mm, 1067mm, 1220mm, 1500mm

GAP: 3mm - 15mm

COLOUR: Anodised Satin Clear / Black Rubber

MATERIAL: Aluminium /EPDM Cellular Foam Rubber