Round Nail Felt Protector

Round Nail Felt Protector – ⌀16mm – Small (12pcs), ⌀26mm – Medium (8pcs),  32mm – Large (4pcs)

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif’s Round Nail Felt Protector is best used for protecting the hard surfaces from potential scratches on your floor. Reduce noise and friction when dragged across floors. Nail the felt protectors to the bottoms of the furniture legs for quick and easy installation.


⌀16mm - Small (12pcs)
⌀26mm - Medium (8pcs)
⌀32mm - Large (4pcs)


Easy to nail on felt protector
Protects and slides easily on any surface - carpet, parquet, tiles, etc.
Can be used on various furniture - sofas, chairs, cabinets and more
Reduce noise and friction
Nails included for easy installation

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16mm (S), 26mm (M), 32mm (L)