Microfibre Kitchen Cloth (3 Pieces)

Microfibre Kitchen Cleaning Cloth (3pcs)

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Product Description

Steve & Leif 's Microfibre Kitchen Cloth is best suitable for cleaning the kitchen, with good absorption power & remove oil and grease easily without scratching the surface of appliances & utensils. Remove up to 99% bacteria. The cloths consist of 8 layers of microfibers material makes the cloth extremely durable, can be used for longer period. The microfibers also generate a static electric charge when moved across a surface that attracts and contain dust when performing dry dusting. Environmental friendly.

Measurement: 30cm x 30cm

Tough and durable
Perfect for cleaning
Absorbs water more than half of an ordinary cotton cloth
8 layers of microfibers
Consists 3 pieces (Pink, Yellow, Blue)