POKON Cactus Gardening Plant Food / Fertilizer (250ml)

Capacity: 250 ML

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Product Description

Pokon Cactus Food
Cacti and succulents require special care. This perfectly balanced fertilizer is designed to meet the specific needs of cacti and succulents. To ensure balanced growth and abundant flowering. This food contains essential food elements and a rich mix of trace elements.

In addition, your house plants will become strong and healthy thanks to extra humus extracts and a 100% vegetable bio-stimulant. This allows your plant to better absorb nutrition. Magnesium (MgO) and Iron (Fe) ensure that the green color will be even more intense.
Instructions of use

  • Shake before use.
  • Feed once a week.
  • Mix 10 ml of fertilizer per liter of water
  • Water the mixture directly into the soil
  • After use, rinse the watering can and cap with clean water.

Additional Info

Feeding period (Not Applicable in Singapore)
Cacti have a resting, flowering and growing period:

  • Rest period: November to February, 8-15 o C, do not water and do not feed.
  • Flowering period: March to June, watch out for bright sunshine, feed once every 2 weeks.
  • Growth period: after flowering; 20-30 o C, provide good ventilation, light, and sun, feed once every 2 weeks.

Pokon Cactus & Vetplant Food consists of a 1: 1 solution diluted with water-based on a 4-4-6 NPK fertilizer with humic acids, plant extracts, and trace elements.