Prosperplast Lace Pot

135mm x 155mm

White / Lime / Fuchsia / Raspberry

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An lace flowerpot is an arrangement complement to the rooms finished in a modern way, using materials referring to the colourful aspects. The shape of the pot breaks the coolness of the loft spaces, because its edges are crowned with a subtle pattern that is a representation of a folk cut-out or an intricate lace. It can be used both as a flowerpot and as a casing for a plant growing in a less representative container. The Lace collection is a line of pots of various sizes and colors, from which you can complete an original decoration for almost any interior - all models are available in our offer. They are made of plastic, which means that they will not be cracked due to tipping.

Lace pots are resistant to humidity conditions and are easy to maintain in impeccable purity, and also they are not threatened by accidental deduction. They can be used both as flower pots and as container covers with plants previously planted. The colours fits modern interiors, and the subtle edge finish is an interesting decoration of a window sill or flower bed.

135mm x 155mm (Diameter x Height)


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Fuchsia, Lime, Raspberry, White