Prosperplast Respana Planter Set

Colours: Lime, Black

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The portable seedbed collection from Respana collection is an important part of the gardening backyard and a perfect solution for growers who face difficult climatic conditions. This miniature greenhouse which, does not take up much space at home, creates the perfect conditions for the growth of the seedlings through good ventilation and humidity control. Cultivation of early vegetables, herbs or warm weather-loving plants sensitive to weather conditions - can be continued regardless of weather condition outside and bringing a great joy of early harvest. The large bowl of the seedbed is equipped with a stabilizing walls strut. The light transparent lid provides adjustable ventilation holes in order to create an ideal micro-climate and prevent from overheating plants. What is more it protects the seedlings from annoying insects. A complete comfort in usage provides a quick change of legs from short to long, included as an option.

Dimension: 770 mm x 387 mm x 820 mm

Colours: Lime, Black

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Black, Lime