PTFE Super Gliders (22mm)

PTFE Super Gliders 22mm (4pcs)
Colour: Light Blue

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif's PTFE Super Gliders can be used to protect surfaces from scratching. Ideal for all types of wooden chairs and tables with legs. To avoid damage, ensure the surfaces you use sliders on are clean from any particles. Screw the tighten the pad onto the bottoms of the furniture legs to move your furniture effortlessly.


Measurement: ⌀20 x 5 (mm)


High quality real PTFE screw-on gliders
Protect and slide easily on any surface
Suitable for heavy furniture to move easily
Reduce noise and friction
Consist of 4 ptfe gliders and screws for easy installation

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⌀20 x 5 (mm)