Steel Bracket INA (1 Set)

Steel Bracket INA
Measurements: 150x200mm, 200x250mm, 250x300mm, 300x350mm

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif's Steel Bracket INA lightweight for medium loads and able to support various types of shelves (wood, glass, etc.). Complement with S&L's Double Slotted Wall Upright you can create your own shelving and storage space!


- 150 x 200 (mm)
- 200 x 250 (mm)
- 250 x 300 (mm)
- 300 x 350 (mm)


Easy to assemble
Ideal for home, office, schools, laboratories and light industry
Availble in 4 different measurements

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150mm x 200mm, 200mm x 250mm, 250mm x 300mm, 300mm x 350mm