Glass Edge Protection Foam (2metres)

Glass Edge Protection Foam (2metres)
Colours: Brown, Grey, Pink, White

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif's self-adhesive Glass Edge Protection Foam (2 metres) is designed to keep you and your child safe from dangerous sharp edges (e.g. table, desk, cupboards, etc.) and perfect for glass edges too. The protection foam features adhesive backing on each piece, so you can easily re-position or remove the foam entirely, even after it's been secured. The foam material is fire-resistant for safety. Available in four different colours - Brown, Grey, Pink, White.


2000 x 50 x 7 (mm)


NBR PVC Edge protector for protection against sharp edges
Fire-resistant, wipe-to-clean foam construction
Perfect for glass edges
Non toxic formula and slim design
Can be custom fitted to most furniture
Simple and quick installation

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2000 x 50 x 7 (mm)


Brown, Grey, Pink, White