V-Profile Weather Strip

V-Profile Weather Strip (5metre)
Colours: Brown, White

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Product Description

Product Description:
Steve & Leif's V-Profile Weather Strip made of cellular foam (sponge) EPDM rubber that has excellent resistance to ozone, oxidants and severe weather conditions. EPDM is commonly used sealing material for windows and doors. Ideal for sealing doors in Bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, meeting rooms, etc. for cushioning effect when closing. Available in Brown and White to match your home interior design.

Measurement: 2.5m

Self-adhesive V-profile weather strips
Stop noise transfer through the door frame gaps
Seal against draughts and dust, heat, cold, insects, noise and rain
Applicable in wardrobe doors, cabinets doors, drawers
Consist of two 2.5m strips

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Brown, White