BloomBagz 15L Classic Fabric Planter Box (28 x 25cm)

Capacity: 15 L

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Product Description

BloomBagz are the perfect solution for your indoor, outdoor, and urban gardening needs. Using air-pruning and root trapping technology, these double-layered environmental friendly fabric bags will give you improved growing results compared to traditional plastic and ceramic grow pots.

Why are BloomBagz superior to clay and plastic pots?

  • The Bloombagz plant pots have the latest technology by using a special double-layered breathable fabric that does great things for your plants.
  • The inner mesh layer allows fine hair roots to attach, promoting a more robust system to gather nutrients.
  • The outer layer helps to ‘air prune’, preventing the roots from growing in a spiral so you can avoid to bind up into a root ball.
  • Bloombagz helps to keep your roots cool compared to traditional plastic or ceramic pot.
  • The bottom line; your plants focus on flourishing above the soil – giving you a faster-growing, happier and healthier plant.

Available in 3 Colours: Red, Brown, Grey.

Dimension: 28 cm x 25 cm

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Brown, Grey, Red