BloomBagz 57L Maroon Big Tomato Fabric Planter (42 x 41cm)

Capacity: 57 L

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Product Description

Growing tomatoes is something that anyone can do, especially with a BloomBagz Tomato Bag. Holds 57L of soil, depth optimized for tomato roots but perfect for growing any vining crops too. Stainless steel mesh grommets offer healthy plant aeration. Sturdy handles for easy transport. Folds flat for space saving storage. Double-layered breathable fabric. Washable. Great for apartments or those with limited gardening space. Tubular pocket sleeves on the sides of the bag allow for additional staking system to grow tomatoes and vining crops such as cucumbers, melons, peppers, pole beans, etc. Grow flowers, herbs or veggies. Bloombagz are BPA free and different than traditional pots by utilizing a unique 100 percent breathable fabric technology made from recycled water bottles. BloomBagz were designed to allow maximum airflow and product longevity. The highly durable material is UV resistant and provides exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root system. No more overwatering or root rot worries because BloomBagz allow excess moisture to easily evaporate and drain away. BloomBagz are highly durable, reusable, and last for many years.

Dimension: 42 cm x 41 cm