POKON Clay Pellets (5 L)


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Product Description

Clay pellets are ideal as a drainage layer in flower pots and troughs, so the roots of your plant do not stay submerged. The roots stay firmly in place allowing your plants to grow better. Pokon Clay Pellets can also be used for hydroculture and decoratively, for example as a top layer in flower pots. Mulching prevents the potting soil from drying out quickly, so you will need to water your plant less often.


  • Sprinkle a layer (20-25%) of hydro granules into the pot
  • Fill the pot with potting soil
  • Soak your plant in water first and then plant in the hole.
  • Fill the pot with potting soil up to 2cm from the top
  • Press the soil down gently
  • Give your plant plenty of water
  • Capacity: 5 L