POKON Coco Coir Organic (20 L)


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Product Description

This potting soil is suitable for all types of plants. Because it is so light, Coconut Potting Soil is very convenient for hanging baskets. Pokon Coco Coir Bio is 100% natural and therefore a pure and fair base for plants. This potting soil consists out of composted coir from the soft coconut bark. Also you will have to water your plants less often, since the coconut fibres have a high water holding capacity. The soil contains enough plant food for approximately 100 days.


  • Sprinkle a layer (20-25%) of hydro granules into the pot
  • Fill the pot with potting soil
  • Soak your plant in water first and then plant in the hole.
  • Fill the pot with potting soil up to 2cm from the top
  • Press the soil down gently
  • Give your plant plenty of water


This potting soil contains fertiliser which is authorized for use in organic farming in accordance with EU regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. The fertilizer used, NPK 10-4-4, has also been included in the Dutch input list for biological agriculture.


Compound organic fertiliser NPK 10-4-4 with trace elements 2kg/m3. Contains animal proteins.