POKON Garden Potting Vermiculite for Soil (6L)


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Product Description

Pokon Vermiculite is a naturally occurring rock that is popped at high temperatures into this high-quality end product. The processing provides an extremely light material in which seeds germinate well and water and food are buffered. When you sow in vermiculite, you ensure your seeds have a good start. Pokon Vermiculite is very suitable as a seedbed for sowing vegetables, fruit, and herbs indoors. Once the seeds have germinated and the young plants are planted in their final location, the fine structure makes it easy to transplant the seedlings without damaging the roots.

Place Pokon Vermiculite in a cloth or strainer and wet it completely under the tap and let it drain.
Place a layer of a few centimeters in the seed tray. Plant the seeds and close the seedbox at the top. In this way, you prevent rapid dehydration.
If the seedlings (seedlings) are large enough to transplant or a transplant, remove them from the vermiculite and place them in a pot, planter or in the garden in the garden.

Pokon Vermiculite is made from 100% natural raw materials that are permitted in organic farming.

Vermiculite tips
Flower bulbs

You can also use vermiculite to store flowers. Sprinkle a layer of a few centimeters of dry vermiculite at the bottom of a box. Place the bulbs or tubers on top and cover them completely with a new layer of vermiculite. Then place it in a dry and dark place in the basement or shed.

Your own potting mix

If you want to make your mix yourself, mix 1 part vermiculite with 3 parts potting soil. This makes the ground a lot lighter and lighter. By mixing vermiculite with potting soil, water and food are better buffered and therefore remain available for your plants for longer.