POKON Vegetable Garden Mix (20 L)


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Product Description

This organic vegetable garden soil is suitable for universal use in vegetable gardens. Pokon Vegetable Garden Mix Bio can be used as a soil improver or as a complete vegetable garden soil. This potting soil consists of the best quality, natural raw materials, such as peat litter and wood fibre. This wood fibre gives the potting soil an open, airy structure. The potting soil contains enough plant food for approximately 100 days. Due to the renewable raw materials used, the potting soil has a slightly unusual appearance.


  • Sprinkle a layer (20-25%) of hydro granules into the pot
  • Fill the pot with potting soil
  • Soak your plant in water first and then plant in the hole.
  • Fill the pot with potting soil up to 2cm from the top
  • Press the soil down gently
  • Give your plant plenty of water


Compound organic fertiliser NPK 10-4-4 with trace elements 2kg/m3.