POKON Pine Bark Chips Excellent (40L)


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Product Description

Pokon Pine Bark Chips Excellent

Pokon Pine Bark Chips Excellent is a decorative product that is very suitable as a mulching layer in flower pots and troughs, and that can be used indoors or out. It is made from the bark of maritime pine. These trees grow on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Their bark has a robust structure, so it is very long-lasting. The individual chips are approx. 10-20 mm in size. One advantage of using bark chips as mulch is that they prevent the soil from drying out too quickly. Not only is Pokon Pine Bark Chips Excellent a 100% natural, highly sustainable product, it is also FSC cert­ified.

Sprinkle when laid and as soon as the existing layer becomes too thin a layer of a few centimeters (3-4), so you compensate for the natural digestion process.

Pokon Tree Bark Excellent is made from the bark of maritime pines. These trees are located around the Mediterranean Sea. It is a decorative product with various application options. It is 100% naturally extremely durable and contains the FSC quality mark. This bark has a sturdy structure, which means it will last a very long time.