POKON Organic Garden Compost (40L)


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Product Description

Pokon Fertilized Garden Compost is extremely suitable for structure improvement and raising the soil in your border. This compost provides a more organic matter in the soil so that the roots of plants can develop better. Do you want to plant new plants? Then choose a good potting soil.

MPS quality mark
This product carries the MPS certificate for sustainability. This means that renewable and circular raw materials are used to a considerable extent. This makes the ground look different than you may be used to.

Instructions for use of Composted Garden Compost
1. Apply approximately 5 to 10 cm Pokon Memeste Tuincompost on your border, lawn or vegetable garden.
2. Work this through the ground.
3. Water.

Pokon MPS Fertilized Garden Compost Bio is a mixture of, among others, garden peat, peat litter, compost, composted softwood bark, lime, and fertilizers. This potting soil is fertilized with Pokon EKO-Mix 10-4-4, this is permitted for use in organic farming in accordance with EU standards 834/2007 and 889/2008.